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Leandro Gongora - originally from Argentina - is a well established fashion and fine art photographer based in Tampa Bay and Miami.


His fashion photography has been published internationally in Grace Ormonde (US & UK), Hola (Spain) Hello Magazine (UK)

and Photo Vogue (Italia) to name a few.


Gongora has an Associate Degree in Photography Technology at SPC, and is 9 credits away from a Bachelors in Arts with a minor in business administration. He has mentored over 300+ students at the SPC photography department where he worked as a student assistant under the close guidance of MFA Barton Gilmore.

"Everyone is quick to point out the flaws.
Be different and focus on the positive."

– Leandro Gongora


His body of work has been featured at the Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts showcasing multiple times at both in within the last 3 years.


Leandro Gongora, in collaboration with photographer Christopher Watson,  received the Best Art Director award with the Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida in 2013, with various honorable awards at SPC Clearwater.


He aims to complete 4 collections by the end of this fall to showcase at the Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg.

He is also working on his first book, and wants to be part of Art Basel this coming December in Miami Beach.




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